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In response to the strong need for well-trained, skilled office and technical staff, Intelligent Business Advantage Limited, an established I.T. Services Company and Microsoft Partner, developed the IBA School of Computing.

The IBA School of Computing offers specialised training in Microsoft Networking, Graphic Design & WebsitesMicrosoft Office 2007, Project Management and Laptop Repairs.

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This is your opportunity to get high-quality training from practising, experienced IT Prossionals in:

Our training, based on international criteria, is focused on giving you the knowledgeskills and insider tips that you can immediately begin implementing to make your job easier.  

Whether you are currently employed, re-entering the job market, or seeking employment for the first time, we provide training to enhance your skill set and help get you ahead.

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Upon successful course completion, students receive certificates and additionally may have the option to attain international certification from organisations such as Microsoft, CompTIA and others. Allowing you to stand out from the crowd and to easily prove to employers your increased knowledge and value.

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Don't let your opportunity slip away! We conduct only a few classes a year. The aim of our training is to combine the experience of our certified lecturers with your desire to achieve, to help you get ahead.Contact Us Today, Classes are starting soon!

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